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Viva Las Vegas: Your Guide to the Championship Tournament

You made it to the Vegas Championships! Now what???

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My First TV Match

Mezz West State Tour stop #8, Family Billiards, San Francisco. Michael Glass vs. Robert Yulo

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Pool Table Install Time-Lapse

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How to Run a Tournament

Hopefully, I can impart some advice here that will help you get the most bang for your buck, and encourage people to attend your next tournament.

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Fifth Time’s the Charm!

After 4 years of trying (including three 2nd place finishes) at the National Amateur Championship regionals, I took 1st place this weekend!

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Never Forget. Until Tomorrow.

I hear this every year at this time: Never Forget.  And each time, I am filled with a sense of… something.  I honestly don’t know what it is.  Sadness?  Anger?  Emptiness? As I think about this today, 13 years after

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A Quick Tip on a Half-Tip

It never fails: You’re running a rack of 9-ball, and you end up leaving yourself behind another ball. You need to shoot the 6-ball, which is sitting in the jaws of the side pocket, and the cue-ball is blocked by

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What’s In the Case?

At some point in most pool players’ careers, the question is asked of them: what’s in the case? As I am sure you are all just dying to know, I’ll let you know what I carry…

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Don’t Miss When the Camera is Watching!

A rare shot of a local legend. And some guy named Shane Van Boening, too…

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Gimme a Break! (Bonus Edition)

Ok, I know I said my last article concluded my series on breaking. Consider this an epilogue.

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