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Table Talk: Playing the Ghost

Sometimes, your best opponent is yourself

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9-Ball Practice: Pattern Play Demystified

You’ve heard the term many times before: Pattern Play. Of course, when someone mentions it, you nod your head knowingly, secretly wondering what the heck this person is talking about. Chances are, he doesn’t know either. It’s one of those

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Reference Lines: Taking It to the Bank

Let’s talk about banks. A scary subject for some, I know, but I am going to try to demystify them for you, and make you a better banker. Are you ready? Awesome! Some of these descriptions may be a bit

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Jumping the Edge

Today I’m going to teach you how to jump over the edge. That’s not a figure of speech, I mean that literally. We have all faced this dilemma: You make a great run, and it’s down to the 8-ball. You

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Guaranteed Angle Cut Shots

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are in a match with a very skilled opponent, and she has just scratched.  You have one ball left to make, but the 8 ball is at the other end of the table,

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Reference Lines: 45 Degree Cuts

Very often, a student will tell me “I didn’t shoot that shot because I thought it would scratch.”  So, I will ask them to set up the shot and try.  Quite frequently, they are surprised at the results (usually that

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Practice Patterns: 9 ball

Today’s tip is a good practice drill for 9-ball, and will put a bit of pressure on you to position the cue-ball correctly on each shot.  Start with the following setup: The 1, 2 and 3 balls are one diamond

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