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Occasionally, I’ll discover a tidbit of information that I think may help with your game. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll even share it!

Magic: The Racking (and Breaking)

My goal is to help you achieve the perfect rack and break with the Magic Rack (or Turtle Rack). I’ll leave it up to you not to make any mistakes!

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What am I Doing Wrong?

Like driving a car, you can usually do everything you need to do without even thinking about it – and believe it or not, that is the key to playing well!

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A Quick Tip on a Half-Tip

It never fails: You’re running a rack of 9-ball, and you end up leaving yourself behind another ball. You need to shoot the 6-ball, which is sitting in the jaws of the side pocket, and the cue-ball is blocked by

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Don’t Miss When the Camera is Watching!

A rare shot of a local legend. And some guy named Shane Van Boening, too…

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Swerve, Squirt and Pivot

How to compensate for deflection when you must apply spin to your shots.

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9-Ball Practice: Pattern Play Demystified

You’ve heard the term many times before: Pattern Play. Of course, when someone mentions it, you nod your head knowingly, secretly wondering what the heck this person is talking about. Chances are, he doesn’t know either. It’s one of those

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Reference Lines: Taking It to the Bank

Let’s talk about banks. A scary subject for some, I know, but I am going to try to demystify them for you, and make you a better banker. Are you ready? Awesome! Some of these descriptions may be a bit

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Dealing with Clusters

Welcome back, fellow dead-strokers. Today I want to talk to you about something that probably plagues each and every game we play (especially on a bad night): clusters. You know what I mean: Your opponent smashed the rack with a

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Anatomy of the Jump Shot

If you came to read this article expecting me to tell you how to shoot a jump shot, I apologize in advance. That is not the intention of this post. However, I won’t leave you high and dry, dear reader.

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Jumping the Edge

Today I’m going to teach you how to jump over the edge. That’s not a figure of speech, I mean that literally. We have all faced this dilemma: You make a great run, and it’s down to the 8-ball. You

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