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Occasionally, I’ll discover a tidbit of information that I think may help with your game. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll even share it!

Guaranteed Angle Cut Shots

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are in a match with a very skilled opponent, and she has just scratched.  You have one ball left to make, but the 8 ball is at the other end of the table,

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Reference Lines: 45 Degree Cuts

Very often, a student will tell me “I didn’t shoot that shot because I thought it would scratch.”  So, I will ask them to set up the shot and try.  Quite frequently, they are surprised at the results (usually that

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Practice Patterns: 9 ball

Today’s tip is a good practice drill for 9-ball, and will put a bit of pressure on you to position the cue-ball correctly on each shot.  Start with the following setup: The 1, 2 and 3 balls are one diamond

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Playing Smart

We all face that moment on the table.  You’re playing 9-ball, and it’s hill-hill.  Whoever sinks the 9 wins the match. You have just three balls left to make, but you have left yourself a tough shot on the 7

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Diagramming Billiards Shots

Recently, I ran across a post on reddit with a diagrammed shot done in MS Paint. He mentioned that he didn’t know of any sites or apps that help with diagramming. I would like to share two of them that I

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